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rfconsult Design Services: focus on wireless 

We design your RF circuits as well as the PCB layout according to your specification.

We help you find the optimal system architecture for your application.

Together with the customer we choose the right RF devics and define a RF protocol that meets the data rate, reliability- and current consumption requirements. Then we design the PCB and an antenna which fits into the given environmental conditions. Finally, we offer our support in the field test and certification of the completed product.

We also offer our support in debugging and troubleshooting of existing solutions, for instance in manufacturing, components replacement, etc.

Our experience reaches from transponder based door openers through wireless data transmission systems at 868 MHz to Bluetooth™  modules and headsets manufactured in high volume quantities.



3D electromagnetic antenna simulation



Bluetooth™ Data Module


Well known companies, such as Texas Instruments, XEMICS, WINCOR-Nixdorf, SMM (Malaysia), PAN International and many others are our satisfied customers.

Examples of designed and supported products are reference designs for RF semiconductors, complex wireless metering and remote control systems, wireless modules for medical implants, Bluetooth® data and audio modules as well as Bluetooth™ headsets for mobile phones.